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Register for Sales Genius today, discover your Genius Zone and supercharge your sales.

Inner Genius Sales Genius Program will help you develop the skills to unleash your inner sales genius and close more deals.

Develop a new sales language that connects, communicates, and influences each customer or client uniquely and individually. Become better at connecting with those around you while exceeding their expectations. Use Inner Genius to serve your customers and make your message clear.

Build a more substantial, loyal fanbase of clients or customers because of this new and most effective way of communicating with them. Attract a customer’s attention by speaking in their language and giving them what they want.

Inner Genius is the perfect sales training toolkit for professionals who want to take their career to the next level. It provides everything you need to develop a new sales language that connects, communicates, and influences each customer.

Who this program is for

All Sales Team Members, including Account Managers, Business Development Managers, Retail Sales Professionals, Customer Service Professionals and anyone in a customer facing role.

Collage SalesThis program is for you if you want to:

  • Unlock the insights that take your sales communication to the next level
  • Transform the way you speak to customers, and see your sales conversions soar.
  • Know how to make your content, presentations, emails and sales proposals consistently engaging – get noticed and compel your customers to take action.
  • Flex to different types of customers in different selling situations, including phone, face-to-face, virtual or online.
  • Enhance communication and persuasion skills for the best impact and increased efficiency.
  • Wow your customers with sales presentations that hook them in every time. Create converting sales presentations to attract, engage and convert customers.
  • Build your influence to attract customers and work with your team in a new way.
  • Get noticed with thoughtful sales presentations that build trust and win more business.
  • Become a ChangeMaker – be the expert in your field and attract loyal customers

Unleash your full potential and earn more clients with these proven techniques


  • None

Recommended Program Duration* – 6 Week Program

*Programs can be customized in duration to suit your requirements

  • Complete the Inner Genius Profile for each participant
  • Launch Session – 90 minutes
  • Self-Study Digital Learning Modules
  • 6 x 90 minute Live Masterclasses
  • Personalized Coaching Session for each participant

Study time investment:

  • Self-study 2 to 3 hours per week
  • + Live Masterclass – 90 minutes per week


Conversations are the lifeblood of sales. Equip your sales team with the tools they need to start and keep them going.

I really love this program! It is perfect for someone who is looking to quickly improve their sales skills. I particularly love the exercises and the way the program is designed to help you develop a personal sales language that will connect with your clients on a deeper level. I am thrilled to have found this program because it has helped me become more confident in my sales abilities.

Craigh Rickit

Sales Manager

This program has helped me transform my sales team into a savvy, successful, and profitable team. In the past, my team had a hard time providing the right information to customers that would result in a sale, but now they are closing more deals and seeing a dramatic increase in revenue. The program is easy to follow and has great tools to help you be more successful. And, the Sales Genius Action Plan is AMAZING!

Natalie Gray

Director of Sales

This sales training is perfect for people who are looking for a way to up their game in the sales department. I love this course because it helps you develop new skills and tricks to use in your sales presentations and conversations. This program has helped me be better at the sales meetings I have with clients, and I have seen an increase in my closing ratios. Also, I like that I can speak to the coach directly.

Amber E.

Event Sales Development Manager

Purple Aim

By the end of this program participants should be able to use their Genius Quotient (GQ) to communicate with potential clients in a way that is more natural and engaging, increasing your chances of securing the sale.



Unlock your Inner Genius by knowing your Genius Quotient (GQ) and create a personal strategy to get into your Genius Zone and boost sales!


Use the Sales Genius Toolkit to crack the code when communicating with potential or existing customers.


Transform sales communication. Convert presentations, conversations, emails and proposals to include new powerful flows that lead to more sales.


Unleash the power of GQ to achieve your sales goals. Apply the Inner Genius Roadmap and tools to integrate GQ into daily practice.


This program is for you if you want to:

  • Use the Sales Genius Toolkit to help you interact with customers with genuine connections and excellent relationships.
  • Impress your customer with smarter emails, Proposals and Sales letters they will understand!
  • Unlock your true messaging power and never miss a sale again. Communicate with every customer in a new way – ‘their way’ and watch your sales grow.
  • ​Use Inner Genius to give you the tools and training you need to close high-paying clients, without feeling salesy or pushy. Master the art of “selling without selling”… close high-paying clients, and get paid what you’re worth, without the use of sales tricks. 
  • Retain customers and watch them buy again and again increasing your LCV (lifetime customer value) metrics. Create long-term value from every customer. No upsells, just “how can we help you?”
  • Create an Sales Genius Sales Action Plan that will help you boost sales and increase your bottom line.


  • Keep your sales pitch simple and precise.  Learn how to simplify your pitch and automatically convince more clients
  • Learn to speak a new language. Connect with customers, even when they are very different to you in culture and values
  • Discover how you can outperform your competition. Use the Sales Genius Toolkit that helps you to be more confident, persuasive and INSPIRING.
  • Think and communicate from the customers perspective. Transform the way you think, talk, and sell with Inner Genius.

Speech Mark Grey 2

Excellent sales professionals have excellent communication skills. They invest time, money and energy in keeping their skills sharp. DGQ for Sales is critical for marketing and sales professionals to tap into their customer’s preferred ways of communicating. Sales never looks the same again. Communicate in the customer’s preference, and a new effortless world opens up – it’s a whole new game!

Speech Mark Grey


Inventor – Genius Quotient | Author – Unlock Inner Genius

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