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2023 Program List

Welcome to the Inner Genius (GQ) 2023 Program List!

We offer a wide range of public and in-house programs for corporate groups, designed to unlock your Inner Genius and maximize your Genius Quotient.

Our cutting-edge programs are designed to unleash the power of your Inner Genius and take your Genius Quotient to the next level.

Our goal is to empower you to reach a point where you can tap into a new way of communication for unlimited influence and innovation, enabling you to achieve tremendous success in whatever field you choose.


From public courses to programs designed for teams, groups, governement, and organizations to reach maximum efficiency and productivity – we have a program that suits every need.

So take the leap and join us on a journey of self-discovery and transformation with the 2023 Program List.

We look forward to seeing you operate in your Genius Zone.

We look forward to unlocking your Inner Genius together!


Genius Quotient Quickstart Program

Unlock Your Inner Genius with Our Mini-Program

Learn the key to success. Discover your Inner Genius.

Discover Your Genius Quotient & Begin Operating in Your GQ Genius Zone

By unlocking your Inner Genius, you can access your unique Genius Quotient and start to operate in your GQ Genius Zone.

Our digital program will help you navigate your unique Inner Genius Archetype and help you to become an effective communicator, so you can influence others and make a lasting impact.

Discover Your Genius Zone

Operate in a new way that is in total alignment of who you are.  You’ll be able to understand people better, and create meaningful relationships.

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    Discover Your Genius Quotient - Program

    Unlock Your Inner Genius and Your Potential!

    The 6-Week Program That Will Solve Communication Forever!

    Powerful Strategies to Immediately Improve hOW YOU LEARN, CONNECT, COMMUNIATE, AND INFLUENCE

    This deep-dive 6-week program gives you powerful strategies to immediately improve the way you connect and communicate with others.


    You’ll learn practical skills for managing relationships and communication with different types of people, building trust and rapport, and ultimately influencing powerful connections that will last.

    Our program is designed for all roles – from entrepreneurs to business professionals.

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    Discover Your Genius Quotient - Executive

    Unlock Your Genius Quotient to Make an Impact

    Elevate Your EXECUTIVE Communication.

    Develop Authentic Connections and Make a lasting impression.

    Unlock your Inner Genius and access your Genius Quotient to develop authentic connections that make an impact. Learn the tools to develop your communication skills and connect on a deeper level with your colleagues, clients, and customers through a new way of communicating.


    Build executive presence and influence in any industry by providing you the tools you need to exceed expectations.

    Take your executive communication to the next level.

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    Inner Genius Sales Genius Program

    Supercharge Your Earning Potential with Sales Genius

    Access the Tools to Unleash Your Sales Genius

    Inner Genius is the perfect sales toolkit for professionals.

    With Inner Genius, you will be able to develop the skills to close more deals and boost your earning potential. Our program will help you discover a new sales language that connects, communicates, and influences each customer or client uniquely and individually.


    With Inner Genius, you will learn to speak in your customer’s language to help you attract their attention and make your message clear.

    Register for Inner Genius today and unlock the potential of your Inner Sales Genius.

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    Discover Your Genius Quotient - Learning Professional

    Unlock Your Programs' Genius and Inspire Unforgettable Impact

    Transform the Way You Teach Others

    Improve the Way Learning is Delivered

    We are committed to helping you improve the way learning is delivered to those you’re trying to teach. Our program is designed to put a stop to teaching solely in the way you learn. Instead, make a change by leading in every learner’s preference to connect with students and inspire them while creating an unforgettable impact on them.

    Be the Change Across Your Organization

    You will be able to confidently deliver the right message in the right way to inspire your learners and make an unforgettable impact on them.

    We understand that each learner is an individual and that each learner learns in their own way. Our program helps you understand your learners’ learning preferences and develop the best strategies and techniques to help them learn, retain, and apply new information.

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      Discover Your Genius Quotient - Thrive

      Unlock Your Organization's True Potential with Inner Genius

      Drive Impactful Transformation Through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)

      The Power of Inner Genius

      Inner Genius THRIVE is designed to help your organization communicate in a way that celebrates and encourages a diverse and inclusive workplace. By infusing Inner Genius into the way employees communicate every day, you can celebrate your people’s diversity and give everyone a voice.

      Celebrate Your People’s Diversity

      Whether it’s helping employees share their unique perspectives or inviting others to join in conversations, Inner Genius will help you create an organization-wide mindset that celebrates and embraces diversity.

      By leveraging the power of communication, you can create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

      Drive impactful transformation for your organization and create a workplace that THRIVES!

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        Discover Your Genius Quotient - Family

        Help Your Child Succeed

        Ready to Unlock Their Hidden Potential?

        Accelerate Your Child’s Learning

        With Inner Genius, you can accelerate your learning in school or college. Unlock strategies to help you absorb more, retain more, and learn more. Get the tools to catapult you and ensure that your child doesn’t get left behind. With Inner Genius, you will be able to reach your impossible goals and unlock your child’s hidden potential.

        Help Your Child Succeed

        Inner Genius is the perfect tool for parents too. Give your child the ability to supercharge their communication and build a future of success and happiness.

        Develop your child’s growth mindset to think for themselves and be envied for their success by family, friends and colleagues. Inner Genius will help your child reach their goals and unlock their full potential.

        Don’t wait – unlock the potential of your family today with Inner Genius!

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          The Discover Your Genius Quotient program has been a lively and fascinating experience for me. I wish I could’ve had these informative yet easily learnable skills for the last 15 years of my professional career. The program has unlocked tools to promote self-awareness and to capitalize on unique learning modes in order to shape effective communication with others. Communication is a central part of my job but now I feel like my message is being heard. I think this program is suitable for anyone who is interested in upping their communication game; the Genius Quotient details a personalized archetype, processing power and brain fuel to open the doors of being understood. At a minimum, you will learn about yourself. Put to its full potential, you can extend influence through your professional and personal life, building strong and effective teams with a collective focus.

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